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A Lot Of People Lying About Things They Don’t Even Have – Stonebwoy Slaps Industry Mates

Bhim Nation president Stonebwoy is done with his Therapy tour across Europe and has decided to share some important things he noticed in Ghana’s entertainment industry while away.

Stonebwoy recorded a video and opened up on what he thinks is at fault in the industry.

The Grammy voting member started by pointing out the fake love people show themselves in the country. He said we are stuck in a world where love is not real and everyone looks out for their selfish interest without caring what they do to others to achieve those interests.

“We are living in a world right now where love is not real in the sense that everybody is looking out for themselves to an extent where they Don’t give a f*ck what they do to others to get to where they want to be,” he said.

Touching on fake lifestyle, Stonebwoy said he has witnessed so many people in the industry lying about things they don’t even have.

He also included in his submission that people talk about love, riches, and more but all are a figment of reality because these self-acclaimed rich men cannot help those in need.

“ Sometimes they talk about love and money but they are not rich like that because you wonder that richest cannot give like someone who really does not have it “.

Many are those who believe Livingston Satekla is speaking this way because the media did not highlight his European tour as he expected.

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