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Backbiting Not Limited To Movie Industry “I Don’t Think It Is Just In That Sector” – Kalybos

COMIC actor, Kalybos, has debunked the perception of backbiting which is believed to have permeated the film industry resulting in actors finding it difficult to trust each other.
For Kalybos, although it should not be encouraged, backbiting is something that can be found everywhere and is not limited to the movie industry.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Monday, August 29, Kalybos stated, “I don’t think it is just in the movie industry, even in our corporate working spaces there is a lot of character assassination too.

“However, it will do us all good if we do away with it.“This is something you will find in most institutions. I think it is just a general perception but for me, it is everywhere and not just the movie industry,” he stated.

On how he sees the current movie industry, Kalybos said it had evolved big time, “A couple of years ago, you might have your movie on CD and the moment you are done with production, that is it.”There is no way you can come together to sit in one hall as fellow actors to watch your movie, I am talking about the cinema system.

“Now, even though we don’t have the CD sales now, we have bigger platforms where they are screened worldwide, talk about Netflix, talk about Amazon, talk about Iroko TV etc.”So we have this platform where you can share the movie with the world to see.

“When a movie is premiered it brings together producers, actors, lovers of movies etc. all under one roof and that is a feel-good thing for me.

“We now understand that you can’t just go and buy your CD and watch, it has evolved into a bigger platform so gradually we will get there”, he said.

Touching on his Boys Kasa series which was very popular, especially among the youth, he said, “A whole rebranding is taking place, for now, everything is evolving so we have gotten a better deal to screen.

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“We have gone on production to shoot some of the new ones which we will be unveiling very soon.

“For now, it is not going to be on YouTube but on a bigger platform. People will subscribe to watch and we will also make a little revenue”.

Is Kalybos dating? “I am of the market, I am not married though but I have someone I am seeing so God willing, we will take it to the next level”, he disclosed.

In his message for up-and-coming actors, Kalybos said “It is very simple, they should make it passion first before the money. Now it is a bit tough to sacrifice and work and work before you start getting paid.

“That is what most of us went through but now the new crop coming up, I can see money is more of their passion but I wouldn’t blame them.

“Social media has influenced a lot of people to think that once you get into acting and you do one movie, you get thousands of cedis but that is not so.

“With consistency and hard work, you will get there, when your star starts shining, you will make all the money you want.

Kalybos is currently on set for Inspector Bediako which shows on Akwaaba Magic, “It is a series so we have been filming back to back”, he added.


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