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It Has Never Been Her Intention To Make”Controversial” Music – Eno Barony

Ghanaian rap goddess has stated, she never knew she was that controversial and never was it her intention to do controversial music.

According to her, she has always been herself with her music and has no intention to spark controversies.

When asked what has worked for her regarding promoting her music, whether her controversial and thought-proving lines have been a strategy for her, she said;

“Me, I never knew I was controversial, it’s like it’s people who mention my name and say that she’s a controversial rapper. It’s like me, I just do me, and then I give it to management, and they feel like this is cool, let’s put this one out. And when it comes it raises conversations. I am happy when people are talking about my music because the music is for the people so I’m just happy and I don’t really think I have a particular strategy that if I do it like this it would be like this. There should be an agenda, but I don’t have a particular strategy for all my music,” she explained.

On the topic of parental support, she revealed that her parents as well as the congregants of her father’s church have accepted her line of work as a pastor’s daughter and are supportive; praying for her and sharing in the joy of her successes.

“It’s like they’re happy to see me now on TV and all those things. Because they know, they knew that was my mother’s prayer,” she disclosed.


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