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Criss Waddle Deplore The Defective Treatment He And His Mother Went Through In The Hands Of The Pentecost Church In Ghana.

The AMG rapper, took to Snapchat recently to reveal that he and his mother were denied a room at the Pentecost Church in Community 5 in Tema at a time when they were homeless and needed a place to spend the night.

“This is the Community 5 Pentecost Church that told my mum and me that rooms are available for senior Pastors so we should sleep at the school park till morning, maybe we will find help,” he shared on Snapchat.

Criss Waddle stated that the ill-treatment he got from the church has prevented him from offering any valuable help, now that he has the ability to do so.

“Today, I can break down this church and rebuild it with 30 plus rooms, but I won’t do it, I will rather take the money to the strip club and spend it on curvy women,” he shared in a different post.

Criss Waddle, however, revealed that he built a mosque for the Muslim community whose prayers have guided him all these years.

“Built a mosque 14 years ago and the prayers from those Muslims have always been enough for me, go and ask Alhaji Tanko,” he added.


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