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Meek Mill Has Pleaded With Police To Release The Suspect Who Was Arrested In Connection With His Phone Theft Case

American rapper, Meek Mill has pleaded with police to release the suspect who was arrested in connection with his phone theft case.

In a post on Twitter, the rapper said he cannot say for certain that his phone was stolen.

“I coulda dropped that phone on a dirt bike. I don’t actually know for a fact that somebody went in my pocket…I don’t need anybody locked up for a phone…I don’t even know what happened to it,” Meek Mill wrote.

The rapper said that all that mattered to him was that he had received his phone.

This comes after the rapper’s phone was stolen prior to his Afro Nation performance.

Meek Mill who had been excited to visit Ghana, performed at the 2022 Afro Nation concert on Thursday.

But prior to his performance, his commute to the premises was a turbulent one. He was mobbed by fans excited to see their superstar.


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Amateur footage showed Meek climbing over the gate into the arena, as he struggled to ditch the zealous group.

He later informed fans while on stage that he had been robbed. In a post on Instagram, he noted that his phone had been stolen and pleaded with whoever had it to return it.

The police a day later arrested one suspect and retrieved the mobile phone that was stolen from Meek Mill.


The suspect, Nuhu Sule, alias Ababaawa was arrested on Friday, December 30, 2022, at his hideout in Accra.


He is currently in police custody and will be taken through the due process of the law.


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