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M.anifest Featured On Hennessy Cypher Africa

God MC M.anifest, Ghanaian rapper and producer brighten the music arena in Ghana as he got featured on #Hennessy Cypher Africa project.

Hennessy is back with their latest edition of the “Hennessy Cypher Africa”, bringing light ropes in Africa’s elite emcees Octopizzo, M.anifest, M.I., A-Reece, and Vector.

Over the past few years, Hennesy has established itself as a unique stand-out brand to support some of the world’s greatest upcoming talent. Bringing forth to light it has provided a stage for different artists to showcase their unique tight skills on a platform as they are given six minutes in a cypher to showcase what they are best known made of.

To the end year on a high, Hennessy has this time looked into Africa to bring in some of the finest emcees to walk in on the tightrope with the likes of Octopizzo from Kenya, M.anifest from Ghana, M.I. from Nigeria, A-Reece from South Africa, and Vector from Nigeria.

As they’re given a 1-minute mark the artists go head-to-head, each representing well show outperforming with their best verses, with lyrics and tongue-twisters that will leave you with a lasting impression and remembrance of why they have been put on the pedestal as some of the greatest names to represent their homeland.

The production of the cypher itself stands out well, selling out to be one of the best sets as it showcases each rapper in a theme-like museum setting where they are all out standing in front of the crowd delivering their best wordplay.

Through its showmanship, The Hennessy Cypher has all in well stood out to become a spotlight of the Hip Hop and urban culture.

Shining its light on the brightest it has brought forth a diaspora of unique talent together on a single platform and represented emerging talent in the best way possible while allowing different artists to collaborate and make a memorable experience by being given a single beat to make a fresh track.

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Evidently, with its success, The Hennessy Cypher will continue to bridge the gaps and make new conversations with Hip-Hop heads and music fans around the world.


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