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“What If Comedy Puts Ghana On The Map Instead Of Music”? – Lekzy DeComic

Ghanaian comedian Lekzy DeComic has highlighted the challenges faced by comedians in the country’s creative industry and underscored the importance of diversifying entertainment beyond music.

Speaking on E-Forum show on Ghanaweb TV, Lekzy DeComic emphasized the risks associated with poor event turnout.

He noted that when investors don’t see returns on their investments due to low attendance, they may become hesitant to support future projects.

Lekzy DeComic explained, “If I take someone’s money today to organize a show and the turnout is low, and I am not able to refund the investor’s money, the next time I want to organize a show, no one will be willing to invest.”

He also expressed concern that the corporate sector predominantly focuses on music, especially in venues like the O2 Arena.

However, Lekzy DeComic pointed out that even lesser- known comedians have successfully filled auditoriums such as the National Theatre.

He questioned the industry’s preference for musicians who struggle to fill small venues over comedians who draw sizable crowds.

Lekzy DeComic suggested shifting attention to comedians, stating, “So why don’t we shift the focus to comedians? Even the not-so-popular ones are filling up the National Theatre. If we give them attention and a span of 5 years, a comedian could be able to fill out the 02 Arena.”

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Furthermore, Lekzy DeComic urged the Ghanaian entertainment industry not to be overly influenced by Nigeria’s success.

He encouraged exploration of other art forms, particularly comedy, as a means to showcase the nation’s talent.

“We have comedians like DKB and OB Amponsah who have filled major auditoriums in Ghana… We allow Nigeria to control our entertainment landscape too much. Just because a Nigerian creative has achieved something, we pressure ourselves to do the same. But what if it’s not music that would put Ghana on the map? What if it’s comedy?” he questioned.

In closing, he highlighted the importance of support within the industry and acknowledged that sometimes, despite one’s efforts, productivity may not be forthcoming, leading to the need for re-evaluation.

Lekzy DeComic holds the second edition of his comedy special. This year’s is dubbed ‘Can Pain Promise’ and is expected to come off at the National Theatre on September 30, 2023.

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Source : Ghanaweb

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