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“I Refused To Be An Opening Act For Jay Z” – Reggie Rockstone

Legendary Ghanaian rapper, Reggie Rockstone in an interview has finally reveals why he at time rejected an opportunity from American rap god, Jay-Z to be an opening act for a show headline by the “Forever Young” hitmaker.

This could’ve been another breakthrough for Reggie Rockstone but after having a second thought about it he decided to let it go and protect his brand.


“And  I refuse to be an opening act, Ok they asked me to be an opening act for Jigga ok and I refused and at the time people thought, I was you know I mean you can Google it right now the whole Ghana cursed me out. Like who do you think you are and am like I know who I am, who you?.

You see now jigga he bigger than me , he got way much more money, he probably got more skills than I got. I refuse because at the time I realized how starstruck y’all was, you know am blown away too, I’m feeling the vibe that you know he’s coming because it’s on the strength of Hiplife but my whole idea was if Jay-Z comes on stage and introduce an OG who empowers Hiplife, we losing power”, He said.


Reggie Rockstone said even though he was overwhelmed when the news got to him but later thought about it for a while and realized the backlash was going to take from Ghanaians.

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