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“We Were Ready To Explore Various Options To Resolve The Issue Amicably” – Bizzle Entertainment Response To Shatta Wale

Bizzle Entertainment, the organizers of the much-anticipated Shatta Wale concert at Wolverhampton’s Hangar, have released a press statement in response to the unexpected cancellation of the event by the management of the Shatta Movement Empire.

Expressing shock and disappointment, Bizzle Entertainment revealed that they were committed to maintaining transparent communication with artists, management, and sponsors and as such, they were taken aback at the abrupt public announcement of the event’s cancellation by Shatta Wale and his management.


In the statement, Bizzle Entertainment also emphasized their adherence to the terms of their agreement with the Shatta Movement boss and his management, which included a clause mandating meaningful dialogue in the event of disputes or unforeseen circumstances before any public announcements.

But it appears Shatta failed to do the same, for which reason they expressed disappointment that this protocol wasn’t followed, and the cancellation was made public without prior engagement with them to address concerns or demands.


According to Bizzle Entertainment, they fulfilled the contractual requirements, including an initial 50% down payment, in good faith, illustrating their dedication to the event. Their anticipation to host Shatta Wale and provide an unforgettable experience for the audience was evident.

The statement also stressed that the unilateral cancellation by Shatta Movement Empire was a breach of the signed contract, and as a result, they, as Bizzle Entertainment, were ready to explore various options to resolve the issue amicably. This could involve rescheduling the event or offering ticket refunds to attendees, aiming to keep the public informed of their decisions promptly.

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professionalism, transparent communication, and delivering exceptional entertainment experiences to the audience, expressing hope for an amicable resolution in line with the original agreement’s terms.


Read the full statement below:


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