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George Britton reveals to DJ Ashmen: Creatives crucial for Politicians in Elections

During a recent interview on DJ Ashmen’s Let’s Talk & Njoy show, George Britton highlighted the pivotal role that creatives play in elections for politicians.

According to Britton, politicians sell hope, and they often rely on creatives to convey this message effectively to the electorate.

He pointed out that creatives, especially musicians, can significantly impact the number of votes politicians receive, which is why politicians often recruit musicians during election years.

Britton cited Sarkodie’s 2020 song ‘Happy Day’ as a prime example of how creatives can influence elections. The song, which was widely perceived as a subtle endorsement for a presidential candidate at the time, garnered significant attention and played a role in shaping public perception.


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Britton emphasized that politicians value creatives based on how they position themselves and how intentional they are with their industry.

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He concluded by stressing the power of creatives in shaping the narratives of the country through the creative output they produce.

DJ Ashmen’s Let’s Talk & Njoy show is a late-night show hosted by accomplished radio personality DJ Ashmen, held on Thursdays via his social media outlets.

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